Prior to opening our doors April 1st, 2008, founder Beth Madden was looking to fill an ever-present void she felt in the Las Vegas community.  An alumni of the University of Las Vegas, Nevada, with a Master’s of Social Work, examining communities and their felt gaps became second nature to her.  Upon, moving to Las Vegas for graduate school, Beth noticed almost immediately 3 unavoidable truths the separated the Las Vegas community from other places:

  1. IT DOESN’T EVER STOP!  At least near the Strip, where the majority of the community’s workforce is employed, most people are working for businesses that are open and operating 24 hours a day- resulting in three shifts.
  2. In a city that is based so much on all the glitz and glamour that attributes to the mystic of this town, takes work! One’s up-keep is an actual demand and a felt necessity by all entertainers alike.
  3. Lastly, those working the most popular shifts (swing and grave), weren’t being accommodated with the necessary beauty resources during hours that would be most conducive to their work schedule.

Those major nuances within Las Vegas stayed with Beth throughout her schooling and upon graduation, a dream to provide such a resource was born. Then came building a team, which in the midst of a lot of nay-sayers emerged Nyisha Goodwin.  Nyisha, a Las Vegas local, has a background in the 24-hour realm of management and by her own admission LOVED everything to do with nails!  Mostly, Beth saw Nyisha believed in Get Nailed 24/7’s business plan, had a strong work ethic and from there a passion for the business grew between them both, as did the partnership they now share.  It’s with Nyisha’s experience paired with Beth’s vision that the idea of a 24 hour salon grew from an idea to the reality Las Vegans and visitors equally get to experience today.

Since opening in 2008, we have provided the city of Las Vegas with all the new trend-setting salon services, whether you’re looking for the largest variety of gel polishes or need a complete makeover for a special event, our staff of dedicated professionals are ALWAYS available to serve you.  We aim to please and appreciate all feedback from our guests. We welcome you to register with us to receive promotional e-vites and promotional coupons. With over 2500 “likes” on Facebook and growing, we continue to strive forward and serve the Las Vegas community as the necessary resource we originally ventured out to become.